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Debt consolidation can make sense when you can secure a lower interest rate or a fixed mortgage rate. Having only one loan payment to make each month is also much more convenient.

Many debt consolidation options are available. Call Lee Anne to find out about the ones that fit your lifestyle. Debt consolidation loans are available in the Greater Toronto Area including Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Mississauga, Milton, Waterdown, Ancaster, Dundas, Grimsby, Flamborough and the Greater Hamilton area.

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Debt Consolidation in Canada

  • Debt consolidation Burlington, Toronto, Canada

    Consolidate Debts

    Canadians may borrow for different reasons – job loss, education, home renovations, large purchases, etc. 

    If you have outstanding balances on credit cards, department store cards, lines of credit, car loans, etc., you are probably paying a high interest rate – possibly up to 29.9%.   

    By consolidating debts, you could save thousands in interest.

  • Debt consolidation Ontario Canada Burlington Hamilton

    Debt consolidation in Canada has been increasing in recent years.  Interest rates have been at record lows, but credit card rates remain extremely high.  By getting a secured home loan or line of credit, you can access low interest rates. 

    Since secured home loans are based on the equity in your home, they are considered low risk by lenders.  Therefore, you can use the low interest loans or lines of credit to pay off high interest credit cards and debts.

    By consolidating debt, you can also free up cash flow.  Using one low interest loan to pay off several high interest loans will mean you only make one debt payment a month. 

    The single payment will usually be much less than the sum of all the other payments combined.   The money you save can help you make ends meet, or go towards paying back your loans. 

    Call Lee Anne today to see how you can lower your monthly payments and save money on interest.

  • Looking to consolidate high interest debts using the equity in your home?  Get great rates on second mortgages, secured lines of credit, home equity loans and more.  Call Lee Anne to discuss all your options, find what is best for you and save hundreds or even thousands in interest.