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Lowest Mortgage Rates Ontario
*2.80% variable Mortgage Calculator Ontario
Special Rates   Mortgage
Product Term Rate
Special Variable 2.80%
1 Year Fixed 2.74%
2 Year Fixed 2.69%
3 Year Fixed 2.99%
4 Year Fixed 3.04%*
5 Year Fixed 3.39%*
7 Year Fixed 3.69%*
10 Year Fixed 3.89%*
Line of Credit Interest Rates (3.00%)
plus 0.25%

*limited time offer
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Lowest Mortgage Rates Toronto

  • Best mortgage rates Ontario Canada

    Best Mortgage Rates

    When you go to your local bank, they will offer you only the mortgage products that they carry.  When you go to a mortgage broker, you will have access to mortgage products from lenders all across Canada, including banks, financial companies, credit unions, trust companies and even private mortgage lenders.

    Since we are not tied to any one lender, we can offer you unbiased advice on the best products for your needs.  We also have access to mortgage offers not available to the general public.

  • Lowest mortgage rates in Toronto Ontario Canada

    So what does it cost to use a mortgage expert like Lee Anne Taylor?  It costs you nothing!  Once you chose the mortgage that is right for you, the lender pays a fee to the broker. 

    So you get the best rates and service for free, potentially saving you thousands on interest over the term of your mortgage. 

    Plus, you only need to fill out one application to have your home loan shopped over lenders all across Ontario and Canada, to find you the lowest mortgage rates in Greater Toronto, Halton and Hamilton. 

  • Low Mortgage Rates

    Historically low mortage rates are currently available in Ontario, Canada. Lee Anne can help you find and lock in the lowest mortgage rates in the GTA Toronto area.
    Our mortgage products include: Fixed Terms, Open and Closed Terms, Variable Rate Mortgages, First Time Buyers Program, Conventional Financing, High Ratio Mortgages, Self Employment Programs and Not So Perfect Credit Programs.

  • Mortgage Tools

    Use our free online mortgage tools to help determine how much house you can afford.
    Find out what your monthly payments would be under different scenarios. Use our handy mortgage calculators. For a more complete and exact calculation, call Lee Anne Taylor
    at 905-336-8948.