Easy Steps to Home Ownership
Whether you are starting to shop for a new home, or have already found a home and need financing, we can walk you through the steps and show you various mortgage products available in Canada. 
At , our business is saving you money.  When you shop around for a mortgage on your own, you have to fill out an application for each lender, have your credit report pulled, and may not have access to the best lending products.
We work for you - not the banks - so we can offer expert, unbiased advice. 

Online Mortgage Application

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  • Online mortgage application - mortgage products Canada - Low mortgage rates

    Mortgage Process Made Easy!

    Our online application makes getting a mortgage easy!  Simply fill out the form, and Lee Anne Taylor or an associate will follow up for more information and to discuss your options. 

    Once we establish your preferences, we shop your loan over lenders all across Canada.  They compete for your business - but you only fill out one application. 
  • Mortgage products Canada mortgage process OntarioObviously, getting a low rate mortgage is important.  However, there are other terms and conditions to consider to determine which mortgage or loan is right for you.  We look at your past, present and future situation to help you determine the options that are best for you. 

    Then we shop your mortgage over lenders all across Canada.  We have access to hundreds of lending products from banks, finance companies, credit unions, trust companies and private mortgage lenders.  Many of the loans are not available to the general public.
    We walk you through the application process and what to expect at closing: lawyer fees, land transfer taxes, closing costs, moving fees, etc.  We help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, what the cost per month will be, and ways you can pay off your mortgage faster.
    Buying a home is a big step.  Let us help you avoid the pitfalls.  We save you money by finding you the best rates and products - at no cost to you. 

    Homeownership is the way most Canadians build wealth.  Let us help you on your road to financial security.
  • In a rush?  We can often get approval in 24 hours or less! 
    Need time to shop?  We can usually hold a mortgage interest rate for up to 120 days while you search for your dream home.


  • If you are new to Canada, I can help you secure a New Immigrant Mortgage in Ontario. Whether you are already in Canada, or planning to move here, I can get the home buying process started and negotiate the "new to Canada" mortgage products that are available.
  • Low Mortgage Rates

    Lee Anne has access to the best mortgage rates in Canada. Lenders will compete for your business. Call Lee Anne today to discuss the best mortgage rates and terms for your needs.

  • Mortgage Tools

    Want to find out how much you can afford?
    Want to know what your monthly payments will be? Use our handy calculators. For a more complete and exact calculation, call Lee Anne at 905-336-8948.