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  • Halton Homes Summer 2013Burlington: Rated Among the Best Mid-Sized Cities in Canada
    Burlington, Ontario is a fabulous city in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe in southern Ontario. I

    t is strategically placed between the economic hub of downtown Toronto and the industrial engine of Hamilton.

    The placement of this city takes full advantage of being so close to these centres, while still offering affordable housing and perfect family-oriented neighbourhoods.

    There are plenty of factors that contribute to Burlington's high ratings among cities across Canada. Among these factors include high income levels, low crime rates, thriving arts communities, low unemployment, affordable housing and mild climate.

    People take a lot of pride in their homes in this city, and as such, there is a great sense of community among its residents. Along with these advantages, there is also the gorgeous unobstructed views of Lake Ontario, with lush golf courses in abundance for those who love the sport and just being outdoors.

    From Oakville to Milton...
    Residents of this mid-sized city truly appreciate the balance that they get between the charm of a small town and the amenities of the big city.

    People are able to live and play in this quaint part just outside the GTA without having to deal with the congestion and the hustle and bustle of the big city. Burlington is close enough to downtown Toronto for a decent commute to and from work, without the sky-high housing prices Other surrounding cities also get high marks for similar reasons, including Oakville and Milton.

    Oakville in particular earns high grades for having access to the big city for work. Oakville is considered to be quite a safe city full of high-paying jobs and a strong arts community. Though not as affordable as Burlington, Oakville is still a much more affordable place to live than downtown Toronto. With all its employment opportunities, residents can have the opportunity to both live and work in this city that boasts breathtaking views of Lake Ontario as well as 2 marinas.

    Milton has been one of the fastest growing cities in Canada for the past few years. Its affordability, amenities and location continue to make it a desirable place to live. If you are looking to buy a home in any of these communities or elsewhere in Ontario, call me for the best deals in mortgages!
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  • Halton Homes in Oakville and Milton OntarioWhy Mortgage Refinancing Can Make Sense For You
    Whether or not refinancing your mortgage is a good idea for you depends on your precise financial circumstances.

    Refinancing simply involves paying off your existing mortgage or other legal claims on your property and setting up a totally new mortgage.

    There are solid reasons why refinancing is a good idea, especially with current lending rates being quite low in comparison to historic ones.

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fall decorating tips for Halton, Oakville, Burlington Ontario Canada

Taking Advantage of Lower Interest Rates

Locking into a much lower interest rate is a very good reason why refinancing works to help you save money over the long run.

If the going rate is a lot lower than when you initially got your mortgage, it pays to review and compare the total costs versus the total savings of changing over your current mortgage. Perhaps you had a variable rate mortgage and want to lock in low rates before they rise with a fixed mortgage.

Of course, precise calculations should be done with the help of an experienced mortgage broker to help you weigh out these costs versus savings.

Buying Investments

Another reason why Canadians refinance their mortgage is to use the equity in their home to purchase solid investments that can realize higher return profits. In addition, refinancing can be done to transfer non-tax deductible debt into tax deductible debt to benefit from both lower carrying costs and cutting tax costs.

Purchasing Investment Property

Refinancing your mortgage can free up capital to be used to buy investment real estate or a vacation home. The increase can be utilized as a down payment for the purchase of another property, and can allow for further interest deductibility, rather than using your current savings.

Purchasing Investment Property

Refinancing your mortgage can free up capital to be used to buy investment real estate or a vacation home. The increase can be utilized as a down payment for the purchase of another property, and can allow for further interest deductibility, rather than using your current savings.

Debt Consolidation

Many Canadians carry a lot of debt and have plenty of bills to pay every month, many of which are charged huge interest rates. Refinancing your mortgage at a low interest rate can free up capital to be used to pay off these high-interest debts, and help you get rid of them altogether.

Consolidating to One Mortgage

If you currently have two mortgages on your home, you can combine them into one new first mortgage, as long as it doesn't exceed 90% of the property's value. This can help you to streamline your cash flow, and give you access to money you wouldn't have otherwise. If you are thinking about drawing on the equity of your home or improving your cash flow, call me to help you determine the best plan of action for your mortgage refinance.

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Mortgage NEWS
Whether you are starting to shop for a new home, or have already found a home and need financing, we can walk you through the steps and show you various mortgage products available in Canada. 

Low Mortgage Rates
*2.35% 3 year Mortgage Calculator Ontario
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Product Term Rate
3 Year Variable 2.35%
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1 Year Fixed 3.00%
2 Year Fixed 3.20%
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4 Year Fixed 2.99%
5 Year Fixed 3.39%
Line of Credit Interest Rates (3.25%)
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Community Corner Halton Community Corner

Summer is here and there is no shortage of events happening in the Halton region!

Midnight Madness is back in dowtown Oakville on Friday July 19th from 6 pm to midnight. Enjoy live music and retail bargains on the downtown stretch of Lakeshore Road.

Movies Under the Stars takes place Thursday nights at 9 pm from July 11th to August 15th. Locations vary. Visit www.burlington.ca/movies for more information.

Join in the Pirate Festival in Milton from August 3rd-5th at Country Heritage Park on Tremaine Road in Milton. Pirate fun for all ages including shows, games and food.

Brant Day Festival takes place August 5th from 10am - 5 pm. Enjoy artisans, tradesmen and military groups during these war of 1812-1814 commemorations.

Oakville Jazz Festival runs Friday August 9th & Saturday August 10th. Enjoy great acts in downtown Oakville with a full line up of performers.

The 18th annual Burlington Rib Fest runs 11 am - 9 pm at Spencer Smith Park. Don't miss Canada's largest ribfest and fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Burlington.

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