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    As a native of Oakville and a long term resident of Burlington, I keep a pulse on the home market in the Halton region.

    As a mother of three, I am also very involved with family and the community. I hope you will find this newsletter of value to keep you updated on tips and trends as a homeowner in the Halton region.

    Tip of the Week
    If your current credit cards are close to their maximum limits or in some cases over the limit. It will drastically reduce your credit score. Try and keep your credit cards below 30% of their maximum limit. A secured home equity loan or line of credit is always at a lower rate of interest. Debt consolidation helps you pay off higher interest loans and consolidate payments into one monthly payment.

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Halton Real Estate – Looking Forward 2012

Canada once again bucked the global trend with a strong real estate market in 2011.

Consumers displayed confidence in our housing market and the record low mortgage rates made for a strong demand.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the average price of a home in Canada was up between 3.6% and 6.1% over 2010.

Toronto experienced its second best year on market with average prices rising between 3.4% to 7.2%. The Halton region also showed strong sales, with Milton being one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.

Prices rose in the Burlington and Hamilton areas as well as Oakville-Milton.

Looking forward to 2012, interest rates are expected to stay low. The Canadian economy is expected to expand by 2% over the next year.

The housing market is expected to remain stable and average home prices in Toronto are forecast to increase 2.6%.

Oakville, Burlington and the Halton region remain safe and desirable areas to live in, which attracts buyers and makes homeownership here such a good investment.

Beware the small print!

fall decorating tips for Halton, Oakville, Burlington Ontario CanadaSome banks are advertising lower rates than we have ever seen in history! While this may be great news for home buyers – beware the small print! Some banks have a lot of conditions that are part of the mortgage product.

For instance, some have extremely high penalties if you don’t go the full term of the mortgage loan. So if you move or want to sell your home in the 5 years of the term, you may be in for some very high early payment or other fees.

Mortgage experts know that while low interest rates are extremely important, they are not the only consideration. There could be added closing costs, early cancellation fees and hidden charges that make the total package less desirable than some other products with a slightly higher rate. Call me to find the best rates with the product terms that best suit your present and future goals and don’t get caught by the fine print.

If you have a higher rate on your mortgage and still years left on your term, call me to talk about refinancing. I can look at your mortgage rate and terms, and calculate how much you could save by refinancing, or let you know if it is not worth it. If you are on the last year of your term, call me to start shopping rates for your renewal. You do NOT have to renew with the same lender!

Choose the Right Neighborhood
Before You Buy the Home

Real Estate News HaltonHalton, specifically Oakville and Burlington, offer many housing options for different tastes and budgets. There are older, established neighborhoods – often closer to Lake Ontario.

These neighborhoods will have their own personality and are often conveniently located close to cities, shopping and transit. While some older homes may be smaller, the properties are often large and there are lots of mature trees. Home prices may be a little pricier, and some older homes may require a bit more maintenance.

Newer neighborhoods, closer to Dundas and other areas, often have bigger homes but smaller lots. Many young families and newer schools are in these areas. These homes are usually lacking in landscaping and mature trees. While new homes may have warranties and less maintenance, there are often many expenses for the homeowner – such as landscaping, finishing basements, fencing, walkways, etc. that must be taken into consideration. It is important to find a neighborhood that is right for your family.

If you are considering buying a home in a certain area, try to talk to residents, visit schools, drive through at night, and make yourself more familiar with the location, people and drawbacks. It is also wise to consider any additional expense you may need to cover when purchasing a home.

If there are large remodels or basement finishing, you may want to get a secured line of credit to help pay for them. first time buyer mistakes and tap into my expertise and network of real estate professionals – from agents to lawyers to decorators. From mortgage pre-approval to moving in,

smoke detector alarm smoke detector alarm smoke detector alarm

Looking to buy a second home or cottage? I can help you get financing at a great rate.

You can also use the equity in your home to finance your vacation home.

Home Loans Ontario offers mortgages for both type A and type B vacation properties and cottages throughout Ontario.

From a lakeside property to a ski chalet, realize your dreams of owning a cottage in Ontario.

Home Loans Ontario is proud to be the official mortgage provider for the new Sandbanks Summer Village cottages located in Prince Edward County.

These affordable cottages start at only $ 179,000 including H.S.T., call me for details.

Coyotes in Oakville


The Oakville & Milton Humane Society are trying to help the local community by doing patrols near Oakville schools to check for coyotes. .

It is believed that many coyotes were displaced with the new Oakville hospital being built. Several dogs and a girl in Oakville have been attacked by coyotes in January.

They recommend carrying a stick or umbrella when walking near wooded areas. Pets, especially smaller ones, can be seen as food to a coyote, and should be kept indoors (especially cats) or on a short leash.

If you do encounter a coyote, you should try to make lots of noise and make yourself appear as big as possible.


debt consolidation
Carrying a whistle, noise maker, or even jingling keys can help scare off the coyote. You should not turn your back and run, but maintain eye contact and slowly back away.

Never feed a coyote and don’t leave out garbage that can attract coyotes or the animals they feed off of. An informational night “Living with Coyotes” is being held January 31st, 2012 at the St, Volodymyr Cultural Centre at 1280 Dundas Street West in Oakville.

This information night will discuss how to coexist with our wildlife and explain what to do if you encounter a coyote. If you are unable to attend, you can contact the Ministry of Natural Resources or email environment@oakville.ca.

Mortgage NEWS
Whether you are starting to shop for a new home, or have already found a home and need financing, we can walk you through the steps and show you various mortgage products available in Canada. 

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Oakville Milton Humane Society Reopens
After an outbreak of ringworm which caused the Oakville Milton Humane Society to close, the fungal outbreak has now been controlled and they welcome you to come in and find a ‘forever friend’. In operation since 1936, the shelter relies on donations and support from volunteers and members of the community. They are offering reduced adoption rates for a limited time. View their website at: oakvillemiltonhumane.ca


Oakville Red Cross Needs Volunteer Drivers

The Oakville Red Cross is  looking for volunteer drivers, to take elderly/frail people to medical appointments.

If you can help, please call Judith at 905-845-5241,  extension 11

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