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  • Selling Your Home this Spring in Oakville or Burlington OntarioRaised Outlook for Canadian
    Home Sales This Year

    Results from 2013 and Home Outlook for 2014
    According to the Oakville-Milton and District Real Estate Board, sales in December 2013 were up 23.7% compared to December 2012. Year to date sales were up by 10.2%. 

    The dollar volume of sales were up 9.7% in 2013 over 2012.  Overall price appreciation stands at 5% for the year. The second half of 2013 finished strong as the first half of the year had shown a 5% decrease of year to date sales.  

    Assumptions are that the higher sales are a result of the pent up demand following the stricter lending rules introduce in July 2012.  The momentum is expected to continue into 2014.  As inventory levels are tight, price growth is also expected to continue.

    Don’t miss out on a hot property when it comes on the market!  I can pre-qualify you for a mortgage so you can act quickly.  Now is a great time to buy as interest rates are low.  Call me to get started and to discuss what you can comfortably afford with closing and carrying costs factored in.

  • Spring is Time for Renovations in OakvilleFixer Upper or Ready to Move In –
    How Much Work Should You Do Before Listing?

    What Condition Should Your Home Be In Before You List?

    Most people take good care of their homes and simply require some basic staging before putting the home on the market.  However, there are some repairs that may be required before listing.

    It is best if you start planning well ahead of the time you plan to list.  For instance, now is the time to get your home ready for a spring listing.  Speak to your realtor and discuss the price you can expect to list at if you sold the home ‘as is’.  Then discuss what repairs or renovations would bring you a good return on investment.

    Generally, people purchase a home based on emotion.  Obvious upgrades like granite and crown molding will appeal to most buyers and give your home a higher quality appearance.  While most people appreciate new windows or a roof, they don’t offer the same ‘wow’ factor to buyers.  On the other hand, if the roof has visible leaks or tiles missing, then it could be a deterrent to buyers.

    Go through your home with a realtor, contractor or home inspector to see if any money should be spent pre-listing.  Pre-inspecting a home ahead of time is a new trend that can help your listing appeal to buyers and bring them peace of mind that there are no structural or large issues to worry about.

Couple enjoys benefits of a second mortgage at low interest rates.

Should You Sell or Buy First?

The process of buying and selling homes can be overwhelming, which is why you should always have a team of experts behind you, including a realtor and mortgage broker, who can help you answer some of your most pressing questions. One of the more common questions that home buyers and sellers ask is: Should I buy or sell first?

The dilemma of deciding whether or not to place a property up for sale first and purchase one later, or buying first and selling later can leave consumers confused. This question doesn't have a general right or wrong answer - it all depends on the specific situation each consumer finds themselves in. The bottom line is, risks can be minimized with the right plan and a detailed strategy in place.

Selling First
Many consumers find that it makes more sense to sell their property first before finding a property they decide to put an offer on. They may feel pressured and stressed, to sell, often settling for a lower price just to get the property off their hands. Though this might make sense in many cases, it can also leave buyers in an awkward position if they cannot find a new home to purchase after selling their home.
Usually realtors will recommend selling first if there are a lot of properties for sale and the competition is steep. In such a buyer's market, it might make more sense to sell first, since it could take longer to find the right buyer. It's always wise to have a backup plan and a place to stay should your home close before you've found another home to buy.

Buying First
Buyers have more time and feel less pressured to find the home of their dreams if they are not fighting the clock until the home they just sold closes. Buying first is a strategy that may be recommended in a seller's market, where properties are selling quickly and there are more buyers looking than sellers selling. With such a demand, sellers will have an easier time finding a buyer for their property since the competition is low among sellers.

Of course, there is always the risk that your home may not sell and close before the closing date of your new home approaches, leaving you with two properties to finance. In such a case, it's wise to look into bridging your mortgage, which an independent mortgage broker can help you see if you are eligible for such an arrangement.


Buying or selling first will always be an important question to ponder, and should be answered based on your specific situation, as well as the type of market you find yourself in.


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Enjoying the fall in Burlington Ontario


Community Corner Halton Community Corner


January 26, 2014: Enjoy outdoor fun with the City of Burlington’s Lowville Winter Games from 11 am – 4 pm at Lowville Park.

Feb 17 , 2014: Oakville is again celebrating Make Your Move Family Day on February 17th.  More than 100 different activities will be available across 12 locations in Oakville. Activities will be taking place at the following Oakville locations: Glen Abbey Community Centre; Iroquois Ridge Community Centre; QE Park Cultural Centre; River Oaks Community Centre; Centennial Pool/Central Library; Oakville Museum; Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, Maple Grove, Kinoak and Joshua Creek Arenas and the YMCA.  Visit Oakville.ca for more details.

Feb 19, 2014 – Enjoy your community heritage with the Joseph Brant Museum Open House from 10 am – 4 pm.  Get your antiques appraised for $5 per item from 10am – 1 pm.

Saturday, March 29, 2014 – Niagara Falls Sports Expo.  The Scotiabank Convention Centre will host 50,000 sq. feet of sports memorabilia, exhibits and more for the sport fans.

April 13, 2014 – Burlington Sp’eggtacular Easter Event takes place at the Ireland House at Oakridge Farm from 11 am to 4 pm.

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