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  • Halton Homes Fall 2011Halton Homes Fall 2011
    As a native of Oakville and a long term resident of Burlington, I keep a pulse on the home market in the Halton region.

    As a mother of three, I am also very involved with family and the community. I hope you will find this newsletter of value to keep you updated on tips and trends as a homeowner in the Halton region.

    Tip of the Week
    If your current credit cards are close to their maximum limits or in some cases over the limit. It will drastically reduce your credit score. Try and keep your credit cards below 30% of their maximum limit.

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Hybrid Mortgages – Great Options in Uncertain Times

The real estate market has been very unsettled throughout the world, with Canadian homes being one of the few countries with rising home prices. 

One of the reasons homes are keeping their value are because of low interest rates, which keeps homes affordable.

In good economic times, when interest rates are expected to rise, many people choose fixed rate mortgages to lock in a low rate. 

In uncertain times, where people think rates will go lower or stay flat, people often choose variable interest rates.

One option many people don’t know about are hybrid mortgages.  Hybrid mortgages are the best of both worlds, with a variable and a fixed component. 

With mortgage rates at close to record lows, but the future uncertain, a hybrid mortgage may make more sense now than ever before.

If you are considering a home purchase or refinance, I can help you look at the different mortgage products available to find the one that will be suit for your needs and save you money.

Fall Decorating Tips

fall decorating tips for Halton, Oakville, Burlington Ontario CanadaWith the warm colors of fall, it is a perfect time of year to change your decorating accessories. Replace your vibrant coloured  accessories of the summer season with seasonal pumpkins and fruits.

Also add some textured fabrics to create a warm and inviting environment. By changing a few simple accessories you will change the look and feel of your home.

Halton Real Estate News

Real Estate News HaltonHere is some great news, fall real estate is up 7% from last year.

With the latest report out it shows that there is know signs of real estate market cool down just yet. Analysts have claimed that the housing market remains quite healthy!

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You can add any extra down payments or other savings to that amount as well, since you will be putting equity in the home and not increasing your debt. 

In addition, getting a lower interest rate for your mortgage means you can afford to buy a more expensive home, since it helps to bring down the monthly costs.  

Other things that must be taken into consideration include your current monthly expenses and your current debt. 

Know how to operate your fire extinguisher and install one within reach for every 600 feet of space in your home.

Is It Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home?


If you have an older home, you may be losing a lot of heat through your windows.  Homes older than 30 years that still have their original windows will not be as well insulated as newer homes.  Installing new windows will increase their efficiency and help keep your home warmer (or cooler) and less energy will be lost.

Replacing windows can be expensive, but you can start by replacing the worst or most noticeable ones first.  If any windows are poorly constructed or designed, you will notice drafts around the windows, fogging or the windows will feel cold to the touch.  You would want to start with those. 

There are many vendors and types of products on the market, so do your research before you make a purchase.  You want to get a good deal, but also want quality windows that enhance the appearance of your home. 


debt consolidation
If you are very good with home renovation projects, you could try to install the windows yourself.  If you need a professional to assist you, I am always willing to recommend quality contractors and reliable, local professionals.
It is wise to install new windows before the cold winter sets in. 

For windows you don’t replace, tighten the seal around the windows with weather stripping. If your windows are not insulated glass, you should add storm windows. 

When looking for new windows, make sure you choose insulated glass and have them installed with tight seals to eliminate drafts.  Your new windows will pay for themselves over the long run by making your home more efficient and attractive.

Mortgage NEWS
Whether you are starting to shop for a new home, or have already found a home and need financing, we can walk you through the steps and show you various mortgage products available in Canada. 

Low Mortgage Rates
*2.35% 3 year Mortgage Calculator Ontario
Special Rates   Mortgage
Product Term Rate
3 Year Variable 2.35%
5 Year Variable 2.60%
1 Year Fixed 3.00%
2 Year Fixed 3.20%
3 Year Fixed 3.29%
4 Year Fixed 2.99%
5 Year Fixed 3.39%
Line of Credit Interest Rates (3.25%)
plus 0.25%
Lower "Quick Close" Rates Available on Selected Products

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Community Corner Halton Community Corner

October 15th 9:00 am – Downtown Oakville kicks off the fall Harvest Festival at town square. Visit www.oakville.ca for details.

October 15th & 16th 10am-5pm – Fall into nature takes place at all 6 of Haltons Conservation Parks. Visit www.fallintonature.ca

October 23rd 9am-12pm – Bronte Creek Provincial Park is hosting a family haunted Halloween walk for the heart and stroke foundation. Call 905 634-1353 for details

October 23rd 12pm-4pm – Free community party! Join Mayor Rick Goldberg of Burlington as they present the key to the new Burlington performing arts centre. Visit www.burlington.ca for details.

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