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  • Halton Homes Fall 2011Real Estate Market in Halton Region
    Past Performance & Promising Outlook for 2013

    The Halton Region of Southern Ontario is an ideal location to set up residence and raise a family. The close proximity to the large metropolis of Toronto makes it a convenient location to commute to and from work.

    Based on the past performance and future outlook of the real estate market in this area, Halton Region has been and will continue to be a hot market into 2013. Statistics Canada called Halton Region and the communities within this area some of the safest in the country. Based on the severity and volume of crimes committed in Canada, Halton ranks quite low on the crime scale. In fact, Halton is measured to be the safest community with over 100,000 residents in Canada, making this area a wonderful spot to live and raise a family.

    Healthy Real Estate Activity in Halton Region
    Stats like these contribute to the healthy real estate market in Halton. In the past months, Halton has seen an increase in the average price of homes. Other major reasons for this increase in median price is the record low mortgage rates that have been offered to home buyers. Turnover rates for the sale of homes was quite fast in the past few months - the average length of time for a home to be on the market before being sold was approximately 30 days, which is considered to be a quick turnover rate.
  • Outlook for the Halton Real Estate Market

    The outlook of the real estate market in the Halton region is quite promising. Prices for homes continue to climb, despite the much stricter lending guidelines as set forth by major lenders. All home types are experiencing this growth in sales price, including condominiums. As of September 2012, the average selling price for a home in the GTA - including Halton Region - was up approximately 8.5% from last year.

    Siemens Canada – a major corporation housing tens of thousands of employees – is moving to Oakville, one of the major cities in the region of Halton.  In addition, the Oakville Hospital will be a huge, state of the art facility that will also bring jobs and further demand for the area.  As such, it is expected that the number of sales and the price of homes in this area will naturally continue to climb. Economic investment in the region will only help to increase the number of jobs available to local residents, which in turn will boost the economy and continue to drive the real estate market of Halton well into 2013. 

    If you are considering buying your first home or moving into a new one, call me for a mortgage pre-approval so you can shop with confidence!

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Tips For Conserving Energy in the Cold Months
Keeping Your Home Warm Without Breaking the Bank

With the colder months ahead, getting yourself and your family prepared with winter coats, mittens and boots is a must. But what about your home? It's no secret that keeping a home warm can be costly with utility bills, not to mention the amount of energy used. So how do you keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter and conserve energy at the same time? The following are some tips on doing just that:

Automate Your Thermostat

Consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home. When you're out of the house most of the day at work, your home really doesn't need to be as warm as it should be when the family is home. During these times of the day, decreasing the temperature on the thermostat just one or two degrees can make a big difference on the price you pay at the end of the month on your utility bill (in addition to conserving energy).

Seal Up Drafty Areas

Particularly in older homes, cracks and gaps are commonly present around doors, windows and air conditioner units. In fact, if you add up the number of cracks and gaps in these areas throughout the house, it can sometimes add up to being equivalent to one whole window open! Imagine the amount of energy (and money!) saved if you seal up all these spaces!

Lower Your Water Temperature

Your water heater is one of the biggest energy consumers in a home. Many times the temperature of water heaters is much higher than necessary. You'll find that you'll still have plenty of hot water to go around even after simply turning down the temperature of your water heater to 60 degrees Celsius. You may even want to consider covering your water heater in insulating material in order to further conserve energy lost.

Replace Your Furnace Filters Frequently

Many homeowners neglect to replace their furnace filters on a regular basis. When filters on furnaces are left for too long, they accumulate a great deal of dirt, making it much harder for the furnace to work to draw air through filthy filters. Instead, keep these filters clean in order to save energy and reduce your utility costs. If you have an old furnace, you may want to consider replacing the furnace altogether with a high-efficiency furnace which can drastically cut down on your energy bills. You may even be able to take advantage of government programs which offer reimburse-ments for homes that are newly equipped with a high-efficiency furnace.

There are a variety of little things that you can do to conserve energy within your home. When you add them all up, you'd be surprised at how much you can conserve and save!

Getting a Line of Credit to Pay for Holiday Expenses

first time home buyers Burlington OakvilleWith the holidays approaching, you may be cringing at the thought of how much money you'll be spending on gifts and holiday parties.

As the holiday season nears, you'll probably be pulling out your credit card to fund all the presents and outfits you'll be purchasing. Many consumers find themselves still paying off LAST year's credit card bills from the previous holiday season!

Instead of using your credit card to pay for these expenditures - which will inevitably cost you a ton in interest charges as credit cards typically do – you may want to consider taking out a line of credit in order to pay for this holiday's gifts and celebrations.  (If you still have high interest debt on credit cards from past purchases, you could pay those off as well.)

Taking Out a Line of Credit to Fund Holiday's Expenses

Real Estate News HaltonA line of credit is a flexible source of funding that can essentially be used as you see fit. Many people typically take out a line of credit to pay for home renovations, consolidate debt, or purchase a vehicle. You can get even more creative with the use of a line of credit and use it to fund holiday expenses.

Typically, a line of credit is loan that you take out with a lender that allows you to pay it off whenever you want or can. You are pretty much free to use as little or as much of the line of credit as you want, up to the credit limit. You can choose to pay it all off right away, or pay it off in instalments, though it's important to note that interest charges can accumulate the longer you go without paying it off.

The interest charged on the amount owed is generally much less than a typical credit card as it is a secured loan based on the equity in your home.  This makes the use of a line of credit much more attractive than using a conventional credit card, which can accumulate exorbitant amounts in interest charges.

Benefits of Using a Line of Credit to Pay for Holiday Expenses

Real Estate News HaltonIf you find yourself needing a little extra financial assistance to pay for the usually large expenditures over the course of the holiday season, taking out a line of credit can offer you the following advantages:

  If you are looking to get a line of credit or other secured loan, give me a call to discuss your options and find the best financial solutions for your current needs.

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  • Pay off your credit card debt (that you accumulated from LAST year's holidays!) with your line of credit funds.

  • Pay interest only on the amount of funds you withdraw and use from your line of credit.
  • Pay back your line of credit with a great deal of flexibility.

  • Get constant access to funds as you need it.

  • Some lines of credit may be tax deductible.

When the holiday season approaches and you're scrambling to get cash together, consider taking out a line of credit to pay for holiday expenses!


Mortgage NEWS
Whether you are starting to shop for a new home, or have already found a home and need financing, we can walk you through the steps and show you various mortgage products available in Canada. 

Low Mortgage Rates
*2.35% 3 year Mortgage Calculator Ontario
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Product Term Rate
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1 Year Fixed 3.00%
2 Year Fixed 3.20%
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4 Year Fixed 2.99%
5 Year Fixed 3.39%
Line of Credit Interest Rates (3.25%)
plus 0.25%
Lower "Quick Close" Rates Available on Selected Products

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Burlington, Oakville Mortgage We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

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